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Higher Education

Initial teacher education online throws a curve ball to teacher workforce planners

24 February 2017

A new analysis of trends in initial teacher education is helping workforce planners to better project future teacher supply at the state and territory level.

School, Higher Education


Measuring Indigenous childhood development in remote Australia

21 February 2017

Through its involvement in the Science of Learning Research Centre, ACER is supporting research to investigate the accuracy of a tool that measures the developmental status of young children in remote Indigenous Australian contexts.

Assessment, Early Childhood, Indigenous

Higher Education

Designing assessment for radiopharmaceutical scientist training

16 February 2017

ACER is working with radiopharmaceutical scientists to develop fit-for-purpose progressive assessment practices for a new training program, as Jacob Pearce explains.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, Higher Education


Mapping progress:  Improving learning in rural India

10 February 2017

ACER and ASER are travelling the same road to collect information about children’s basic literacy and numeracy in India.

Assessment, Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, School, International


Rethinking how we assess learning in schools

07 February 2017

There is a major flaw in the way we currently assess school students, as Geoff Masters explains.

Assessment, Student Engagement, School


How we can ‘lift our game’ in schooling

02 February 2017

Improving outcomes in education may be achieved not by pursuing them directly, but as a ‘side-effect’ of an unwavering dedication to the larger educational purpose.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, School