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Building empowering partnerships between schools and communities

21 March 2017

Gina Milgate explores the importance of relationships and leadership in developing empowering partnerships between schools and communities that help build capacity and cultural capital.

Community Partnerships, School, Indigenous


Australian report card: Time to address disadvantage is now

15 March 2017

Two major reports on student achievement confirm little change in the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students over the past 15 years.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, School


Little J and Big Cuz coming soon to classrooms

10 March 2017

When Little J and Big Cuz arrive on our screens in late April they will bring with them a raft of resources to help incorporate Indigenous ways of knowing and being in the classroom.

Early Childhood, School, Indigenous


Creating a global measure of digital and ICT literacy

07 March 2017

Wolfram Schulz discusses the challenges in measuring digital and information and computer technology literacy skills across a wide range of countries.

Assessment, Digital Learning, School

Higher Education

Measuring the engagement of online learners

28 February 2017

ACER is reviewing Australia’s survey of higher education students’ engagement with learning to better understand the experience of those who study off-campus. Darren Matthews reports.

Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, Higher Education

Higher Education

Understanding the postgraduate research experience

27 February 2017

Ali Radloff reports on work to review and possibly redevelop Australia’s annual survey of the experience and satisfaction of postgraduate research students.

Quality & Standards, Higher Education