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Future directions for Year 12 assessment

15 September 2017

Doug McCurry explores whether contradictory concerns about senior secondary schooling in Australia can be lessened or even resolved.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, School


Online assessment to support student learning

11 September 2017

Computer adaptive tests targeted to students’ current skill levels should provide better information about their long-term literacy and numeracy development.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School

Higher Education

Call for cosmopolitan learning for future leaders

05 September 2017

Introducing students to cosmopolitan thinking is the obvious next step in the continuing evolution of the higher education sector, according to a new book.

Student Engagement, Higher Education


Super synthesis: Evidence of what works in education for development

30 August 2017

A synthesis of research evidence identifies the impact of interventions that offer high value in meeting education’s greatest challenges in development contexts, as Jeaniene Spink explains.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, International

Early Childhood

Driving early childhood education quality in Indonesia

25 August 2017

ACER has developed a ‘road map’ for quality pre-primary education and supporting parental education programs throughout Indonesia. Dan Cloney reports.

Early Childhood, International

Higher Education

Graduate outcomes for disadvantaged students

21 August 2017

Increased access to higher education has not necessarily resulted in equal success after graduation, according to a recent journal article.

Survey, Higher Education