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Research Developments from ACER



From 1998 to 2012, Research Developments was the print magazine of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). PDF versions of each magazine are available in the ACER Research Repository. Hard-copy back issues can be requested by emailing and, if available, will be posted by regular mail (postage charges may apply for multiple copies).

Articles published since 2012 are displayed below, ordered from newest to oldest.

August 2018

27 August 2018 How evidence informs teaching and learning
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, School,
20 August 2018 Assessing adult numeracy
Categories: Literacy, Numeracy, Survey, Vocational & Adult,
17 August 2018 Research Conference 2018 closes in Sydney
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Early Childhood, School, Education & Development, Indigenous,
13 August 2018 Supporting assessment of teaching and learning of 21st century skills
Categories: Assessment, Education & Development,
7 August 2018 Supporting Timor-Leste’s capacity to assess teaching and learning
Categories: Assessment, School, Education & Development,
6 August 2018 Who has the best access to teachers?
Categories: Assessment, School,
1 August 2018 Fewer teenagers plan on further study, with disadvantaged teens most at risk
Categories: Student Engagement, Survey, School, Higher Education,