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Teaching and learning with digital technology

12 November 2012

ACER’s Digital Education Research Network focuses on research that really shows the impact of digital technology on teaching and learning.

ACER’s Digital Education Research Network (DERN) has close to a quarter of a million registered members – and rising – and has posted more than 135 research reviews on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in education and training.

DERN focuses on teaching and learning in relation to ICT because there has been an enormous gap when it comes to research into ICT in education. Traditionally, the research focus has been on the digital technology, not on teaching and learning. That has been a problem for two reasons, first because a focus on technology often reduces to a fascination with gadgetry, whether or not the technology is having an impact on actual teaching and learning, but second and more importantly because the technology is developing so rapidly that the research is quickly out of date. In contrast, research in DERN starts with teaching and learning.

DERN’s membership includes educators, ICT coordinators, school leaders, academics and researchers, and ICT-in-education specialists. DERN aims to make research on ICT in education and training available to practitioners at the coalface, but also to reach and influence educational researchers in this area.

Following a recent survey of existing members, ACER has developed DERN II. In addition to providing free comprehensive reports on high-quality empirical research, DERN II offers subscriptions to weekly research reports, comments and archived material, along with opportunities to enter discussion lists and download comprehensive research briefs addressing key topics on teaching and learning in relation to digital technology. ■

Find out more about DERN II at <>

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