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Research Developments from ACER



Vocational & Adult

What employers really want

18 October 2017

New research investigates whether vocational training focuses on the skills employers value most.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult


Maths anxiety – and what to do about it

13 October 2017

ACER is piloting a professional learning program to support primary teachers who experience maths anxiety.

Evaluation, Numeracy, School


Super synthesis: Evidence of what works in education for development

30 August 2017

A synthesis of research evidence identifies the impact of interventions that offer high value in meeting education’s greatest challenges in development contexts, as Jeaniene Spink explains.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, International


A changing classroom climate?

15 August 2017

International surveys track trends in the achievement of students in science, reading and maths but also classroom climate and student behaviour.

Evaluation, Student Engagement, School


What impact? Professional learning in Timor Leste

10 August 2017

ACER’s work in Timor Leste is seeking to identify the impact of professional learning and mentoring on students’ learning outcomes over time, as Adeola Capel explains.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, International

Higher Education

Supply and demand in the Australian labour market

27 July 2017

The Commonwealth Government policy to scale back temporary skilled migration, and adopt a tougher approach to citizenship, is likely to have a supply-side impact on the Australian labour market as Daniel Edwards explains.

Evaluation, Survey, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult