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Research Developments from ACER




Reading literacy results good news for Australia, but not all Australians

05 December 2017

A new international study reveals improvement in Year 4 students’ reading literacy achievement, but more needs to be done to address the underachievement of disadvantaged students, as Sue Thomson explains.

Assessment, Evaluation, Literacy, School


Evidence-based education needs standardised assessment

24 November 2017

Standardised assessments are powerful tools in building a strong evidence base for education policy and practice, as Jen Jackson and Ross Turner explain.

Assessment, Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School


Inquiry-based learning: Assessing students’ science inquiry skills

15 November 2017

Inquiry-based approaches to teaching yield substantial benefits to students, but an assessment of students’ science inquiry skills indicates more emphasis is needed on the development of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Abha Bhagat reports.

Assessment, Evaluation, School, International


Civic students: International Civic and Citizenship Education Study report

07 November 2017

Results from the latest international study of civic and citizenship education have found students’ knowledge in this learning domain is increasing in many countries.

Evaluation, Survey, School, International

Vocational & Adult

VET and learner choice

23 October 2017

New research explores the drivers influencing VET student behaviour and their impact on choice of provider and course in a competitive training market, as Justin Brown explains.

Evaluation, Student Engagement, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult

Vocational & Adult

What employers really want

18 October 2017

New research investigates whether vocational training focuses on the skills employers value most.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult