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Research Developments from ACER



Education & Development

Investment in teacher development overseas: are we making a difference?

09 March 2018

A growing evaluation program is helping the Australian Government ensure that its international aid investments will bring real improvements in teaching quality and student learning.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, Education & Development


Realistic expectations

05 March 2018

Raising the bar for all students may work for high fliers, but different students need different achievement goals if we are to raise the attainment of all students.

Assessment, Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, School


Evaluating the impact of teaching assistants

22 February 2018

ACER assessments support research into evidence-based teaching and learning in England, as Mirkka Jokelainen explains.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School


From access to quality: improving learning outcomes in South Asia

31 January 2018

ACER India is working with partners across South Asia to ensure inclusive and quality education for all. Amit Kaushik reports on progress.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, Education & Development

Higher Education

Understanding the impact of ‘Australian-made skills’

24 January 2018

International recipients of Australian Government scholarships develop practical and transferable skills and expertise that allow them to make a difference in their chosen fields, new ACER research shows.

Evaluation, Higher Education


Teacher attrition: What’s the real picture?

18 January 2018

Claims that half of Australian early career teachers are leaving the profession are not as robust as they might seem, new analysis reveals.

Evaluation, Survey, School, Higher Education