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Research Developments from ACER


Higher Education

Higher Education

Measuring the engagement of online learners

28 February 2017

ACER is reviewing Australia’s survey of higher education students’ engagement with learning to better understand the experience of those who study off-campus. Darren Matthews reports.

Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, Higher Education

Higher Education

Understanding the postgraduate research experience

27 February 2017

Ali Radloff reports on work to review and possibly redevelop Australia’s annual survey of the experience and satisfaction of postgraduate research students.

Quality & Standards, Higher Education

Higher Education

Designing assessment for radiopharmaceutical scientist training

16 February 2017

ACER is working with radiopharmaceutical scientists to develop fit-for-purpose progressive assessment practices for a new training program, as Jacob Pearce explains.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, Higher Education

Higher Education

Improving university admissions in PNG

12 January 2017

ACER is helping a Papua New Guinea university to make more informed decisions about offering places in their courses.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, Higher Education

Higher Education

Tracing the steps of high achievers

28 October 2016

ACER is gathering information about the lives and experiences of international recipients of Australian Government scholarships to evaluate public diplomacy outcomes and contribution to development around the world.

Higher Education, International


Tracking university completions

26 October 2016

Indigenous students are among those most at risk of not completing university, research confirms.

Higher Education, Indigenous