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Research Developments from ACER


Student Engagement

Higher Education

Understanding online pedagogy

05 October 2017

Clare Nelson discusses how effective online pedagogical practice can increase learner engagement and retention.

Assessment, Digital Learning, Student Engagement, School, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult

Higher Education

Raising university aspirations and awareness among disadvantaged students

21 September 2017

Outreach activities in South Australia are helping to normalise university study and increase its accessibility to under-represented groups. Katherine Dix reports.

Student Engagement, School, Higher Education

Higher Education

Call for cosmopolitan learning for future leaders

05 September 2017

Introducing students to cosmopolitan thinking is the obvious next step in the continuing evolution of the higher education sector, according to a new book.

Student Engagement, Higher Education


A changing classroom climate?

15 August 2017

International surveys track trends in the achievement of students in science, reading and maths but also classroom climate and student behaviour.

Evaluation, Student Engagement, School


A curriculum for teaching and learning: an alternative roadmap

26 June 2017

Most aspects of school are built around a timed curriculum that specifies what should be taught and learned in each school year, but there is a problem with this approach.

Assessment, Student Engagement, School


Engaging students in STEM

20 June 2017

Julie Kos reports on a mentoring program that provides a valuable resource for science and maths teachers.

Community Partnerships, Student Engagement, School, Higher Education