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Research Developments from ACER


Student Engagement


Engaging students in STEM

20 June 2017

Julie Kos reports on a mentoring program that provides a valuable resource for science and maths teachers.

Community Partnerships, Student Engagement, School, Higher Education

Higher Education

Measuring the engagement of online learners

28 February 2017

ACER is reviewing Australia’s survey of higher education students’ engagement with learning to better understand the experience of those who study off-campus. Darren Matthews reports.

Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, Higher Education


Rethinking how we assess learning in schools

07 February 2017

There is a major flaw in the way we currently assess school students, as Geoff Masters explains.

Assessment, Student Engagement, School


How we can ‘lift our game’ in schooling

02 February 2017

Improving outcomes in education may be achieved not by pursuing them directly, but as a ‘side-effect’ of an unwavering dedication to the larger educational purpose.

Assessment, Quality & Standards, Student Engagement, School


Revisiting the research: Indigenous student absenteeism

15 December 2016

Reasons for student absenteeism are complex and contextual but are generally a combination of individual, family, community and school factors, according to a 2010 report.

Student Engagement, School, Indigenous


The very model of a modern mathematician

02 November 2016

The benefits are many for high school students from around Australia who put their problem-solving and mathematical skills to the test in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, says Ross Turner.

Assessment, Numeracy, Student Engagement, School