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Research Developments from ACER



Higher Education

Graduate outcomes for disadvantaged students

21 August 2017

Increased access to higher education has not necessarily resulted in equal success after graduation, according to a recent journal article.

Survey, Higher Education

Higher Education

Supply and demand in the Australian labour market

27 July 2017

The Commonwealth Government policy to scale back temporary skilled migration, and adopt a tougher approach to citizenship, is likely to have a supply-side impact on the Australian labour market as Daniel Edwards explains.

Evaluation, Survey, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult


Aussie students equal fifth in financial literacy

24 May 2017

Sue Thomson reports on the achievement of Australia’s 15-year-olds in the latest PISA financial literacy assessment.

Assessment, Evaluation, Survey, School, International


What do students really think about their teachers?

28 April 2017

Assessment helps us to understand how well our students are learning, but to help us understand the effectiveness of our teaching we need student feedback, as Lawrence Ingvarson explains.

Quality & Standards, Survey, School


Indigenous students’ beliefs about science

10 April 2017

Research shows that Australia’s Indigenous 15-year-olds are more environmentally aware and have higher levels of belief in the value of science than their non-Indigenous peers. Lisa De Bortoli reports.

Survey, School, Indigenous


Improving literacy and numeracy in the Pacific

19 December 2016

ACER is collaborating with member nations of the Pacific Community to address the common education challenges they face.

Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, Survey, School, International