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Research Developments from ACER




Indigenous students’ beliefs about science

10 April 2017

Research shows that Australia’s Indigenous 15-year-olds are more environmentally aware and have higher levels of belief in the value of science than their non-Indigenous peers. Lisa De Bortoli reports.

Survey, School, Indigenous


Improving literacy and numeracy in the Pacific

19 December 2016

ACER is collaborating with member nations of the Pacific Community to address the common education challenges they face.

Evaluation, Literacy, Numeracy, Survey, School, International


Young socialites: Australian Year 8 students embrace social media

14 July 2016

An international study of computer and information literacy reveals social media use is the most popular computer activity among Australian Year 8 students.

Digital Learning, Survey, School

Higher Education

Equity and graduate outcomes

20 June 2016

Research to investigate the relationship between equity and graduate outcomes has found that patterns of disadvantage persist and paid work in the final year of study matters, Sarah Richardson reports.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Survey, Higher Education, Indigenous


What do we know about teachers in school libraries?

06 June 2016

A recent ACER study looked at who is teaching in Australia’s school libraries and highlighted two trends that warrant further attention.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Survey, School


Snapshot of student wellbeing

25 February 2016

A new study has found that most Australian children report high levels of wellbeing, but wellbeing varies by background, especially for a quarter of children who identify as marginalised. Petra Lietz examines the findings.

Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Survey, School, Indigenous