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Research Developments from ACER

Higher Education

Australia Awards alumni lead change in Chinese health and environment policy

13 November 2018

A report from the Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility finds alumni are contributing to improvements in water management, environmental sustainability and public health initiatives in China.

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Higher Education

Maintaining the quality of GP registrar training in Australia

08 November 2018

An ACER survey of the experiences of Australian General Practice registrars is helping improve postgraduate training provision. Rebecca Taylor reports.

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Australian students motivated to achieve – but some more motivated than others

10 September 2018

A new report finds that Australian 15-year-olds may be more motivated to achieve than the majority of their OECD peers, but motivation is significantly affected by disadvantage.

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Vocational & Adult

Assessing adult numeracy

20 August 2018

An ACER numeracy expert is taking a lead role in the development of the next international survey of adult skills.

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Fewer teenagers plan on further study, with disadvantaged teens most at risk

01 August 2018

A smaller proportion of Australian teenagers are expecting to go to university or TAFE than they did 15 years ago, according to new research.

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A new tool to monitor whole-school mental health promotion

16 July 2018

Research shows that the best student mental health outcomes happen when wellbeing programs are applied school-wide, yet there has been no simple, brief measure of implementation until now, reports ACER's Katherine Dix.

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