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Research Developments from ACER

Higher Education

Supply and demand in the Australian labour market

27 July 2017

The Commonwealth Government policy to scale back temporary skilled migration, and adopt a tougher approach to citizenship, is likely to have a supply-side impact on the Australian labour market as Daniel Edwards explains.

Evaluation, Survey, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult,

Higher Education

Credit-based pathways in tertiary education

06 July 2017

Justin Brown reports on credit-based pathways between the VET and higher education sectors, and the barriers to and enablers of their use.

Higher Education, Vocational & Adult,

Higher Education

Supporting NDIS workforce trainers and assessors

30 June 2017

ACER is supporting the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme through research to improve trainer and assessor professional development.

Quality & Standards, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult,


What Australia can learn from academically high-performing neighbours

15 August 2016

Australia’s declining academic performance in international tests over recent years has been well publicised. Looking at Australia’s high-performing neighbour countries may give us some clues about how to improve Australia’s academic performance.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, Higher Education, Vocational & Adult,

Vocational & Adult

Improving our understanding of learner choice in VET

30 March 2016

Research now underway aims to shed more light on what we know about the choices of young people when navigating the VET environment, as Justin Brown explains.

Evaluation, Student Engagement, Vocational & Adult,


Group-based solutions risk ignoring individuality

22 June 2015

Part of the solution to the difficult challenge of closing achievement gaps may lie in paying less attention to group membership in our educational efforts.

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