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Engaging students in STEM

20 June 2017

Julie Kos reports on a mentoring program that provides a valuable resource for science and maths teachers.

Community Partnerships, Student Engagement, School, Higher Education


Curriculum reform in Asia

13 June 2017

ACER is working with partners in Indonesia to support effective curriculum reform.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, International

Higher Education

Mapping research collaboration among APEC economies

08 June 2017

Ali Radloff provides insights into the scale of, and trends in, cross-border co-authorship in the Asia-Pacific region.

Higher Education, International


Online assessment and good feedback

05 June 2017

Online assessments are enabling teachers to provide better feedback to students for improved learning.

Assessment, Digital Learning, School


Progress towards a global measurement scale

31 May 2017

Collaborative efforts are underway to develop a global scale that benchmarks student performance in reading and mathematics against a common measure. Ray Adams reports on progress.

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, International

Early Childhood

Supporting the early years transitions of vulnerable children

26 May 2017

A review of research has sought to identify how teachers, professionals and service providers can better support children at risk of experiencing vulnerability during early years transitions.

Early Childhood, School