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Higher Education

Graduate outcomes for disadvantaged students

21 August 2017

Increased access to higher education has not necessarily resulted in equal success after graduation, according to a recent journal article.

Survey, Higher Education


A changing classroom climate?

15 August 2017

International surveys track trends in the achievement of students in science, reading and maths but also classroom climate and student behaviour.

Evaluation, Student Engagement, School


What impact? Professional learning in Timor Leste

10 August 2017

ACER’s work in Timor Leste is seeking to identify the impact of professional learning and mentoring on students’ learning outcomes over time, as Adeola Capel explains.

Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, International


Children embrace Little J and Big Cuz

03 August 2017

Audiences across Australia are responding positively to the first animated children’s series to feature Indigenous Australians and their culture.

Early Childhood, School, Indigenous


Looking for the X factors in Indigenous early education

02 August 2017

Early education for Indigenous students should begin from a place of strength, by focusing on students’ potential, interests, abilities, knowledge and capacities, rather than their limits.

Community Partnerships, Early Childhood, School, Indigenous


Measure for measure

31 July 2017

We measure progress in reading, writing, numeracy and the like, but can progress in creativity, resilience, problem solving or ethical reasoning also be measured?

Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School