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Addressing student misconceptions

ACER India specialists are working with teachers to address student misconceptions in mathematics, science and English.

A series of Subject Consulting Forums hosted by ACER is providing ongoing learning and professional development to support teachers in addressing common issues and remedial teaching strategies in mathematics, science and English.

ACER specialists and Subject Consulting Forum participants in Delhi in April and May addressed pedagogical issues and challenges in maths, science and English. ACER specialist assessment staff drew on International Benchmark Test items and data analysis as well as Michigan State University research to pinpoint key student misconceptions.

Addressing students’ algebraic thinking in the primary and middle grades, ACER specialist maths staff demonstrated how diagnostic items can assist teachers in identifying students’ understanding and misconceptions.

Addressing students’ common misconceptions in the investigation of light, reflection and colour, ACER specialist science staff demonstrated models and activities that teachers can replicate easily in the classroom in order to support and monitor students’ learning.

ACER specialist English staff also investigated key strategies and specific practices, including active reading, predicting and questioning, visualising, and summarising and retelling to support the development of students’ key reading comprehension strategies.

Participants also identified topics for discussion at future Subject Consulting Forums, including – for science – electricity and the magnetic effects of electric current; and – for English – phonetics and creative writing. ■

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