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Research Developments from ACER

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Ray Adams

Professor Ray Adams is the Director of ACER’s Centre for Global Education Monitoring and a Professorial Fellow of the University of Melbourne, specialising in psychometrics, educational statistics, large-scale testing and international comparative studies.

12 Jun 2018 The role of learning progressions in global scales
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Student Engagement, School
30 Apr 2018 Redefining equity in education
Categories: Quality & Standards, School, Featured home, Featured school
31 May 2017 Progress towards a global measurement scale
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, Education & Development, Featured international
30 Aug 2016 International assessments in developing countries
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, School, Education & Development
11 Mar 2014 Educational progress for all
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, Quality & Standards, Survey, School, Education & Development

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