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Research Developments from ACER

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Sue Thomson

Dr Sue Thomson is the Deputy CEO (Research) at ACER, as well as the Head of Educational Monitoring and Research, and the Director of ACER's Surveys and International Assessments research program. 

04 Dec 2019 How Australia’s education system stacks up
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School, Australia
02 Dec 2019 PISA explained
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School, Australia, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom
02 Dec 2019 Resource issues in secondary schools
Categories: Survey, School, Australia
29 Nov 2019 Snapshot of Australian teachers and principals
Categories: Survey, School, Featured home, Featured school, Australia
02 Aug 2019 A new way to assess social and emotional skills
Categories: Assessment, School, Featured home, Featured school, Australia, Global
05 Nov 2018 What’s holding females back from participating in STEM?
Categories: School, Higher Education, Education & Development, Featured school, Australia
06 Aug 2018 Who has the best access to teachers?
Categories: Assessment, School
01 Aug 2018 Fewer teenagers plan on further study, with disadvantaged teens most at risk
Categories: Student Engagement, Survey, School, Higher Education, Featured home, Featured school
06 Jun 2018 Many Australian school students feel they ‘don’t belong’ in school: new research
Categories: Assessment, Student Engagement, Survey, School, Featured home, Featured school
16 May 2018 Hidden PIRLS – what else do the data reveal?
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, School
05 Dec 2017 Reading literacy results good news for Australia, but not all Australians
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, Literacy, School
24 May 2017 Aussie students equal fifth in financial literacy
Categories: Assessment, Evaluation, Survey, School, Featured school
06 Dec 2016 Australian education at the crossroad
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School
29 Nov 2016 What can TIMSS tell us about the average Australian classroom?
Categories: Assessment, Numeracy, School, Indigenous
16 Feb 2016 Low student performance – and what to do about it
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, Quality & Standards, School
23 Jul 2015 Taking stock of progress in ICT literacy
Categories: Digital Learning, Survey, School
29 Jun 2015 Australian students’ attitudes to money
Categories: Survey, School
29 Apr 2015 Financial literacy critical for future
Categories: Literacy, Numeracy, Survey, School, Vocational & Adult
26 Sep 2014 Australian problem-solving skills in context
Categories: Assessment, School
18 Jul 2014 Maths + confidence = higher scores for boys
Categories: Assessment, Numeracy, School
10 Jul 2014 Australian teens show financial nous: PISA
Categories: Quality & Standards, Survey, School
07 Oct 2013 What can teachers learn from PISA?
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School
12 Dec 2012 Equity will lead to success
Categories: Assessment, Literacy, Numeracy, School

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