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Research Developments from ACER

Education & Development

Recognising the positive impact of early education

20 March 2018

As a study on early years learning in the Philippines draws to a close, its preliminary findings have been commended. Rachel Parker explains.

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Early Childhood

Driving early childhood education quality in Indonesia

25 August 2017

ACER has developed a ‘road map’ for quality pre-primary education and supporting parental education programs throughout Indonesia. Dan Cloney reports.

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Children embrace Little J and Big Cuz

03 August 2017

Audiences across Australia are responding positively to the first animated children’s series to feature Indigenous Australians and their culture.

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Looking for the X factors in Indigenous early education

02 August 2017

Early education for Indigenous students should begin from a place of strength, by focusing on students’ potential, interests, abilities, knowledge and capacities, rather than their limits.

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Early Childhood

Supporting the early years transitions of vulnerable children

26 May 2017

A review of research has sought to identify how teachers, professionals and service providers can better support children at risk of experiencing vulnerability during early years transitions.

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The next step on the learning pathway

03 April 2017

Is a year-level curriculum and assessment the best way for us to help students take the next step in their learning progression?

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