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Research Developments from ACER



Education & Development

Supporting national learning assessment systems

15 February 2019

A joint initiative between the Global Partnership for Education and ACER supports countries in analysing national learning assessment systems to identify areas of improvement.

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Building standardised assessment capacity in Bangladesh

07 February 2019

ACER India provided technical support on a recent national secondary school learning assessment program in Bangladesh. Ashtamurthy Killimangalam reports.

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Reforming learning assessments in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh

14 November 2018

ACER India is supporting Chhattisgarh state education officials to implement robust student assessments.

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From access to quality: improving learning outcomes in South Asia

31 January 2018

ACER India is working with partners across South Asia to ensure inclusive and quality education for all. Amit Kaushik reports on progress.

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Inquiry-based learning: Assessing students’ science inquiry skills

15 November 2017

Inquiry-based approaches to teaching yield substantial benefits to students, but an assessment of students’ science inquiry skills indicates more emphasis is needed on the development of inquiry-based teaching and learning. Abha Bhagat reports.

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Education & Development

Mapping progress:  Improving learning in rural India

10 February 2017

ACER and ASER are travelling the same road to collect information about children’s basic literacy and numeracy in India.

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